Your ultimate holiday packing guide

Going overseas? You have to check this out!

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Week 13:

Bula girls! Jess P here, all the way from Fiji.

My view today is one which I'll definitely miss — I think I could get used to living on an island paradise. Maybe we could move the DOLLY HQ here, I'm sure the girls would love that!

I've spent the last week relaxing on the beach whilst reading Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington, the biography from the talented fashion director of US Vogue. It's an absolute must-read for all fashionistas. For those who've seen the movie The September Issue you'll know who she is, but to me she is a genius. Her ideas are out-of-this world and she's definitely someone I aspire to be like (and if fashion is your thing I can assure you that you'll feel the same after reading her book).

Besides reading, I've challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone and do a few water activities. Most of the time water and me don't go but hey, I thought I'd give it a try while on holidays! I've also been able to eat some incredible dishes made with fresh produce which has inspired me to be super healthy once I get home.

Plus the people in Fiji are divine. Sure, sometimes they look at my outfits a little bit funny — I think it's because I've gone for the whole tropical thing, maybe a little bit too much, but I've always like to blend or change my style a little depending on the destination. I think it adds a little something extra to your holiday!

My favourite things from my holiday suitcase

Now for my lesson for the week! Since I feel like I'm a pretty good holiday packer, I've come up with my top 10 tips for you the next time you're trying to shove your life into a suitcase.

  1. Have a theme depending on your destination (eg: tropical, sporty, city glam).

  1. Plan your outfits in advance.

  1. Pack things that you can mix and match with EVERYTHING.

  1. Always pack a couple of things just in case the climate changes — best to be prepared!

  1. ALWAYS bring sneakers. You never know what type of activities could lie ahead.

  1. Bring an evening option wherever you go, even if it's just a sequinned tank top.

  1. Roll your clothes up rather than fold them. Why? It means you can fit more in your suitcase!

  1. Always put your cosmetics in a container so they don't leak onto your clothes.

  1. Shoe dust bags are great for parking your underwear/socks/bikinis.

  1. Pack a denim jacket. It's versatile enough to wear anywhere and with anything.

Well girls, I'm heading off for one last swim before I have to return to reality tomorrow. I'll see you next week when I'm back at my desk at DOLLY HQ. But until then, don't forget to check out my tumblr — it's at

See you next week straight from the DOLLY HQ.

Love Jess x