How to layer jewellery

...the more bling, the better!

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Week 15:

Hello girls, hope your week has been amazing and being back at school hasn’t been too hard.

This week for me has been all about trying new things. Since moving out of home recently, I‘ve rediscovered a few great necklaces I’d totally forgotten I had — so I decided to set myself a challenge to rock them all at once. It’s harder than I thoughts so I’ve come up with a few key rules to help you guys out when you decide to play with layering your own jewellery.

  1. Always wear odd numbers. (My favourite is always three!)
    1. Mix and match the thickness of the chains.
    2. Mix it up when it comes to the lengths — have some short and some long!
    3. Forget the matching rules — I say go silver AND gold all the way!
    4. Colour, colour, colour. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy when it comes to the colour spectrum.
    5. Mix quirky with classics.
    6. Always start with the statement necklace before layering in your smaller pieces.
    7. Mixing too many fine chains together may cause them to tangle, so be careful when you’re putting them on.
    8. Always consider the neckline of your top or dress. A higher neckline always works better when it comes to layering necklaces.
    9. Avoid statement earrings — that’s OTT bling!
    10. And remember that it’s all about trial and error. So give it a go and before you know it you’ll be a total pro!

Today’s layering assemble

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Hope these tips help — just don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with it! Also, don’t forget to email me any of your fashion questions: with FashionFridays in the subject line.

Till next week
Jess P x