H&M are the first brand to have finally captured the meaning of being a ~lady~

I'm a lady. You're a lady. We're all ladies.

By Natasha Harding

H&M have gone and released their new ad campaign for the season and it’s one of the most brilliant things we’ve ever seen.

Dedicated to celebrating women in all their glory, the ad features curvy, muscly, trans, queer, bald and generally empowered females who DONT CARE about conforming to what society deems ‘ladylike’.

The campaign is teamed with the ironic soundtrack, ‘She’s a Lady’, as the women are shown ruling the world like it ain’t no thang.

One minute they’re unzipping their jeans to make room for French fries or picking food out between their teeth with a fork, nekk minute they’re strutting into a massive board meeting about the own the damn show.

Basically, H&M’s ad is about celebrating BOSS bitches and we’re totally here for it.

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