You will NOT believe how much Heidi Klum's Halloween costume cost her

Not worth it.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Heidi Klum has basically crowned herself as the queen of Halloween, and rightfully so since she's gone to great lengths each year with her extravagant outfits.

She's gone as Jessica Rabbit, and old lady version of herself, a gorgeous butterfly, etc etc. The list goes on. This year however, she went in a different route, cloning herself and making 6 Heidi Klum's.

It was... disappointing #soz. Mainly because it all seemed a bit self-centred, and the Heidi clones had no resemblance to her other than being blonde and tall.

But boy will you faint when you hear how much it cost her. According to her makeup effects artist Mike Marino of Prosthetics Renaissance, Heidi dropped an entire $10 million dollars on the entire get-up.

Pretty sure you could go to a science lab and get real clones for that kind of cash, but each to their own!

The process included Mike creating prosthetic masks for the five girls, using "DermaFlage silicone to fill any gaps in the mask," which required about two hours per person. We're exhausted just thinking about it.

Never mind us, we're just sticking to the good old basic girl cat costume that cost us $5 from the dollar shop.