How to be a fashion blogger

So, you wanna be a fashion blogger but don't know how to get your foot in the door? Our favourite designers, personal-style bloggers and fashion industry insiders spill their best tips for finding success in the blogosphere.

So, you wanna be a fashion blogger but don't know how to get your foot in the door? Our favourite designers, personal-style bloggers and fashion industry insiders spill their best tips for finding success in the blogosphere.

When Tavi Gevinson, the pint-sized teen blogger, started writing her blog Style Rookie from her bedroom four years ago, she had no idea that her quirky style and signature kook would soon launch her into the fashionsphere.

"It's a little weird and embarrassing," Tavi gushed to fashion website BOF earlier this year. "The thing that has worked out for me is just that writing every day and collecting all those images and chronicling style, helped me shape my editorial sense and my writing tone."

Since launching her blog at the age of eleven (yes, 11!), Tavi has extended her reach beyond that of her blog, starring in film productions, modelling in fashion campaigns, and, most recently, founding Rookie, a lifestyle-meets-fashion site for teenage girls. Oh, and she achieved it all before her sixteenth birthday...

Today, it's not totally far-fetched to think your blog will attract a global audience and make you a fashion star (remember, dreams DO come true). We mean, just take a look at other now-famous bloggers like Leandra Medine (the hilarious voice of, Rumi Neely (Fashiontoast) and Susanna Lau (Style Bubble). Want to know their secrets? Read on.

Choose the right platform — for YOU!
One of the best things about blogging is that anyone with a computer (or tablet!) can do it. Choosing the right platform — like Tumblr, BlogSpot or WordPress — for your blog is probably the most important step. Is your content picture-based? Opt for Tumblr (your posts are much more likely to be re-blogged and shared that way). Going to write magazine-style articles? Sign up for WordPress or BlogSpot.

Create your voice
While some people are born great writers, many people are not. In fact, learning to write with personality can be one of the toughest skills to master as a blogger. Our top tip? Study the sites you love to read, print out your favourite paragraphs and read, read, read! The better you can identify a great piece of writing, the easier it will become for you.

"Only post pictures that you truly love," Mandy Shadforth of Oracle Fox tells DOLLY. "If you post pictures that really define your own personal style then people will learn to appreciate your unique voice. It's the best way to stand out from the crowd."

Stick to your content calendar
The most valuable lesson when it comes to blogging is to not keep your readers waiting. Blogging needs consistency and patience. "Daily updates are a must," stresses Jess, DOLLY's junior fashion editor. But it's not all about quantity. "Posting a variety of different content is also important," says Emily, DOLLY's fashion assistant. "You can have great ideas as a blogger but posting too often about the same things can become boring. Keeping your content fresh is key to being a great blogger in my eyes."

And Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley agrees! "Create original posts and don't leave long gaps between them," Sara tells us. "And don't forget to love what you do!"

Publish quality photos
It's a tough world for fashion and beauty bloggers. We mean, who can look that perfect every time they walk out the door?! Well, according to Dave, DOLLY's resident shutterbug, it's ALL about knowing your camera. "It's important to get to know your camera," says Dave. "You might only have a few seconds to get the perfect shot, so you don't want to be worrying about getting the frame set up. And don't forget to grab a few shots of your outfit's details like jewellery, shoes and fabric. Details are just as important as the whole look put together!"

Motivate yourself
Having a bad case of threethirtyitis? Stay inspired by checking out your favourite blogs, browsing Pinterest and creating mood boards! "When I look for inspiration from fashion blogs, it isn't always about the pictures," says Chantelle Cox, store owner and designer behind Haute Boheme. "It's the way the blog makes me feel."

No one likes a copycat!
Keeping your content unique is one of the most important factors in blogging. "When bloggers all write about the same trends or the same collections it just makes me bored," says Lotta, DOLLY's fashion editor. "For me, it's important that your own personality shines through."

"Always express your own style and never someone else's," Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three tells us. "Always write something that reflects something other than the outfit you're wearing and remember that original content is definitely a winner!"

Our last top tip? "My favourite fashion bloggers are the ones that showcase their own unique style," says DOLLY editor Tiff. "They inspire me to try new things! Don't be afraid to be a bit different."

— Leni Andronicos