How to wear stack rings

It's one of life's biggest struggles. How much finger bling is too much finger bling?!

Hello girls, hope you've had a lovely week.

So in one of the highlights of MY week, I was doing a little online "research" (okay, browsing) when I came across an image which I thought might help when you're looking at stacking your rings! Thanks to the guys at Catbird, a New York-based jewellery retailer, putting on your finger candy will now be about 100 times easier.

And here are some extra tips from me!

Tip 1: Don't be afraid to mix gold, silver and rose gold – you don't need to match your metals.

Tip 2: Yep, you CAN mix it up and add wider and chunkier rings.

Tip 3: Keep it personal, so make sure that your rings reflect your sense of style.

Tip 4: Add one-of-a-kind rings – like, a ring that was passed down by your nanna. Vintage is always best!

Tip 5: If you're going to wear your rings every day, then go for ones which won’t make your fingers black! This might mean you have to spend a little more, but trust me – it's worth it.

Tip 6: Don't be afraid to change it up and experiment.

Anatony of a Stack via Catbird

My go-to shops for rings

• Sportsgirl and Lovisa have awesome packs for buying lots of rings at once.

• Pandora and Thomas Sabo are perfect for rings that I can leave on all the time.

• Antique jewellery shops for timeless pieces which I know I'll love forever.

• NZ designer Karen Walker for when I want to add a little quirkiness to my ring stack.

So start experimenting with your own rings and let me know how you go! Tweet your pics to me at @DOLLYmag or hashtag #DOLLYmag on Insta!

Till next week.

Jess P x