Kendall Jenner reveals the ~ultimate~ shopping hack that you needed in your life, like, yesterday

This changes EVERYTHING!

By Bianca Mastroianni

Along with the name Kendall Jenner comes being the kween on the runway, and an absolute A+ style. She's a bloody pro at fashion, so when she lets us in on some tips, we listen.

For finding the ~perfect~ slouch piece, she's shared the secret on her app: shop in the men's section, duh!

“Lately, I’ve found myself reaching towards the guys’ section to finish off my outfits. I swear, they have it better when it comes to cool jackets and outerwear—T-shirts, too!” Ken said. Just take a look at her outfits and try make a case against her.

Not only can the men's clothing be slightly cheaper than women's, but they have that boxy silhouette that most women's pieces can't achieve.

What else do these men have that we need?!