Miley Cyrus dishes out fashion advice to her sister

Noah Cyrus shared Miley’s best style tips… and they’re not great.

Miley and Noah Cyrus

Ready to step out of her famous older sister’s shadow, it looks as though Noah Cyrus is ready to wear that tween queen crown that Miley once rocked circa 2009.

But there won’t be any blonde wigs or cowgirl boots required for this Cyrus. Along with Stella Hudgens (Vanessa’s little sis) and Cody’s younger sister Alli Simpson, Noah has been chosen as the face of American clothing label, Mudd.

The 15 year old, who was a natural when it came to modelling with her famous friends, revealed to People magazine that she’s been getting all sorts of advice from her super-famous sister.

“Miley's always given me good advice. Like if you are in front of the camera, stand tall, don't slouch and all of that,” revealed Noah.

It sounds like Miley knows a thing or two about posing for the camera!

And if Noah’s piercing blue eyes gave you major Disney-Miley flashbacks, you’re not alone.

It appears as though the youngest Cyrus may be morphing into her sister before our very eyes, revealing that two share a similar style and take inspiration from each other…

“She will come over and like go through my closet and throw stuff out and bring new things in,” said Noah.

“Sometimes we dress a lot alike; the other day she came to my house, we were wearing the same outfit, same bag, not planned at all,” Noah ‘fessed.

While we love Miley for… being Miley, we just hope that Noah doesn’t follow in her footsteps with the whole leotard-wearing, OTT outfits - we think it's best to be original!

Words: Samantha Stewart.