MINKPINK release the 'Beauty and the Beast' clothing line OF YOUR DREAMS

Disney merch has never looked so damn chic.

MINKPINK release a Beauty and the Beast fashion range

Usually movie merch/any type of merch is collectible but not really stylish.

Well, Minkpink has just totally smashed that stereotype, because their new 'Beauty and the Beast' range is seriously enchanting.

The aspects taken from the movie are totally gorgeous, like the classic rose... but what steps it into the next level are things like the patchwork, use of the stain-glass window and the magical colour palette from the movie.

Yep, #NEED!

Minkpink shared their entire collection with Popsugar, so you can see the full range here and die in the process.

The collection will be available from March, so mark your calendar's!!