One of the PLL gals is now a jewellery designer and you're going to want it ALL!

The collection is defs 'A' approved!

By Matt Galea
One of the PLL gals is now a jewellery designer

Now that Shay Mitchell has finished searching for the identity of ‘A’, she needed something to do with her time, right?

And apparently, designing jewellery is the perf career move for the TV star!

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Shay has teamed up with accessories label, BaubleBar to create super chic and stylish jewellery.

The line is tailored "for the nomads, the wayfarers and the dreamers” according to BaubleBar. "A collection where global influence meets ethereal inspiration.”

While on the subject of jewellery, Shay dished her secrets on the age old issue of jewellery storage.

"For me, it was a process of elimination," she told Popsugar. "After trying several different ways to store jewellery over the years, I find that acrylic jewellery organizers are a game changer. I use GLAMboxes in my closet to house necklaces, rings, and chokers. It's great because they're neatly stored, but I can also see them! If they end up in a drawer or box I'll never wear them."

Check out more looks from Shay’s line!

Slay girl, SLAY!

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