These will be the colours EVERYONE is wearing in 2017

Pantone has spoken.

By Natasha Harding

The ~CoLoUr GuRuS~ over at Pantone have announced the ten hottest hues of next season and we’re all ears, or um, eyes.

While you may think, ‘meh, big whoop – who cares what some random company that sounds like a shampoo brand thinks about the colour forecast?’, to fashion people Pantone’s report is actually a pretty big deal, meaning it will inevitably impact what you wear for the year ahead (whether you realise it or not).

It’s basically the Devil Wears Prada IRL.

But back to the report.

Last year the trending colours were the muted ‘rose quartz’ and ‘serenity’ shades we’ve been seeing practically everywhere but 2017 is looking a little more lively (TG!).

According to Pantene, the top ten shades offer the perfect “mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors,” and we’re already super excited to go shopping.

From the looks of it, Pink Yarrow, Flame and Primrose Yellow are going to form the basis of killer statement items and drool-worthy accessories while Kale and Hazlenut will make up our low-key, everyday pieces.

Although it looks like someone on the team still couldn’t quite let go of the baby blue and pink (see Niagara and Pale Dogwood), it’s not all bad news ‘cause that means we can all re-wear those on-trend pieces we bought last year for a whole other season – Woohoo!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a tonne of ASOS shopping to do.