Can you spot why people are srsly mad about this Chanel ad?

Do you think they've crossed the line?

By Matt Galea
People are angry over this Chanel ad

There ain’t no drama like a fash world drama, and this one is a doozy!

Scores and scores of designers have been criticised for cultural appropriation in their campaigns, and the latest culprit is Karl Lagerfeld in the new Chanel S/S 2017 ad.

The campaign stars 28-year-old model Arizona Muse with her hair styled in Bantu knots and cornrows, a staple of the African culture.

Largerfeld described the ad campaign as a “play with contrasts as he captures the metamorphosis of a contemporary creature, one minute a pop Lolita, the next a cyber punk.”

But Twitter was not having a bar of it!

In 2015 Marc Jacobs sent models down the runway in Bantu knots, and just last year he had models including Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner wearing multicolour-dyed faux dreadlocks.

Twitter users were NOT happy that time, either.

Despite people continuously calling out the fashion world for cultural appropriation, designers seem to be ignoring the backlash and going ahead with it anyway.

It looks like designers vs cultural appropriation is the battle that just won't end!