Selena Gomez just pulled off something incredible

You have to see this to believe it!

By Matt Galea
Selena Gomez just pulled off something incredible

New York Fashion Week is well and truly upon us, fash lovers and all of your fave celebs are taking it very seriously, especially Selena Gomez.

In the biggest week of the international fash calendar, all eyes are on what the celebs decide to wear and Sel has gone to great lengths to show that she is a style KWEEN.

While heading from LA to NYC, the ’Hands to Myself’ singer was spotted wearing four fab outfits in a matter of 12 hours!

Oh yeah, she did it!

Okay, let’s go through the looks one-by-one, shall we?

1. For her flight to New York, she opted for a cute but comfortable pair of patchwork jeans teamed with a black crop top and heels.

2. After landing in NYC, she was spotted stepping out of her car and taking pics with fans in a Coach red bomber jacket, a floral knee-length dress, heels and red sunnies.

3. Next, she hit the streets in a Proenza Schouler multi-keyhole black and white midi dress, finished off with heels.

4. And her fourth fab look was a brown long-sleeve sweater dress with a red collared piece underneath by Victoria Beckham for a gala to support the Foundation for AIDS Research.

Despite Kween Seleen(a) being busy AF with her upcoming music, her Netflix series and her upcoming flick the 24-year-old still found time to pick out four ~amaze~ outfits to rock in less than a day.

All hail the style kween!