Selena Gomez's updated Revival tour wardrobe just keeps getting better

The Southern Hemisphere is definitely HOTTER since Selena arrived.

By Sammy Stewart

In case you've been living in a cave without wifi, you might not be aware that Selena Gomez has ARRIVED in Australia and her tour wardrobe has been every positive adjective you could possibly think of.

Earlier this year, Sel's Revival tour wardrobe was ~very~ glam and gave off MAJOR Beyoncé vibes; body suits, leotards and faux fur were all the rage.

BABEIN. But if you thought these looks were FIYAH, wait til you see what Sel's been rocking lately.

Since she hit the Southern Hemisphere, Sel debuted her brand-new look which actually is a collaboration with fashion designer Sami Miro.

Sel unveiled her ~edgier~ more '90s-inspired look in Singapore and let's just say she never looked back...

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 8

Look 9

Look 10

When she touched down in Melbourne for her first Australian show, Sel rocked a GORJ floaty, white Dion Lee (#AussieDesigner) gown and looked like an actual goddess.

We wonder what Sel will wear at tomorrow night's Sydney concert...?