The secret behind Kendall Jenner’s 2017 Met Gala dress

You won't believe how it was made!

By Jessica Lynch

Let’s be real, Kendall Jenner could legit wear a potato sack and still look hot AF, but that doesn’t discount the fact that she absolutely ~slayed~ yesterday's Met Gala in her daring outfit by La Perla.

If you, like us, were wondering how the eff the butt-baring ensemble was held together, we’ve got your answer - with one piece of string!

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Yep – it totally sounds like a disaster waiting to happen if one of us mere mortals were to wear it, but in true KJ fashion, she absolutely rocked the risqué get-up, which also happened to casually contain tens of thousands of crystals.

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"The entire gown is made from one piece of string," said La Perla creative director Julia Haart.

"It's a very strong, very flexible, incredibly thin piece of nylon, and we've strung 85,000 crystals onto it".

The gown was so carefully crafted that it took artisans in FIVE different cities (Milan, Bologna, LA, Rome and New York) to put together the masterpiece.

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"When I described a one-string gown to my team, I was told it's not possible," Julia added. "Of course, that just made me want to do it more."

While fashionistas praised the youngest of the Kardashian klan’s bold choice for the ~prestigious~ event, fans on social media were pretty damn divided.

We don’t even wanna know how she dealt with walking around all night without the constant fear of unravelling…

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