This will be the top Halloween costume for 2016

Nope, it's not Harley Quinn.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Eleven from Stranger Things will be the top Halloween costume 2016

Halloween is coming up real quick, and although we've thrown out options for you all to be inspired by, there's no doubting what we're about to reveal.

Sure, Harley Quinn made her entrance with her amazing costume in Suicide Squad, and although there will defs be 3000 imitations of her this Halloween, she isn't the top choice. Soz bae, this kween beat you:

Enter our favourite human ever from the best television show of all time: Eleven from Stranger Things, and you've got yourself the top Halloween costume for 2016, according to an analysis by Lyst.


The analysis is based on the fact that in the last week, this ASOS Peter Pan dress was clicked on every three minutes (now sold out), and 80% of people are looking at "tube socks" - another part of her iconic outfit.

Lyst have even reported that there has been a huge spike in bomber jackets, and we're sure blonde wigs are up there.

We wonder how many Eggo's waffles have been purchased recently?

Anyway - this is the best costume ever and we ain't even mad if we're gonna see 5 billion lil Eleven's wandering around on October 31st.