Tove Lo wore an ovaries dress to the ARIAs because why the heck not?

You can pretty much see her nekkid body.

Tove Lo Ovaries Dress ARIAs Red Carpet

The award for 'Most Batshit Crazy' look on the ARIAs red carpet definitely went to Swedish pop singer Tove Lo, who wore a completely see-through orange dress with ovaries embroidered over her nether region because... well, we're actually not totally sure why. "It's a vagina... or a p-ssy... whatever you want to call it," Tove told Be on the red carpet. "I'm from Sweden where we don't really censor at all... you've just got to say what it is."

What we do know about the dress is that it was designed by Emilie Janrell, and teed up by her stylist 'Crap Diem' (10/10 name). "He asked if he could make me a dress and I was like, yeah, whatever you make, I'm in."

This isn't the first time gals have been showing off their ~anatomy~ on the red carpet. Remember when Edwina Bartholomew started #Vajayjaygate with Oscars dress?

Or when Lena Dunham wore an ovaries jumper to a Planned Parenthood event?

Or FKA Twigs, whose Met Gala dress gained plenty of attention as it had a - there's no delicate way to say this - embroidered peen on it?

Is it a fashion trend? Do we love it? Do we hate it? What does it all mean? We can't be sure. But you keep doing you, Tove Lo.