Zayn Malik is plotting his next career move…

As a fashion designer!

While we're over here plotting Zayn's musical comeback - be it alongside 1D or with his pretty self - he's stylishly scheming elsewhere.

We mean that literally. Insiders say he's set to become a HUGE fashion designer!

"Zayn has always been very creative and introverted," a source dished to The Sun.

"He tried out various looks and styles during his time in One Direction, which has led to interest from top fashion houses."

Turns out all his winning outfits on tour have caught the eyes of not only us, but those in high places. High fashion places.

He's set to kick off his style journey at Paris Men's Fashion Week at the end of the month. #THEANTICIPATION #WEAREREADY

While it sounds like Zayn's role in fashion could be as the next male supermodel (just LOOK at those cutting cheekbones and the flouncy hair), another sneaky source clears the air…

"Music will always be his priority but fashion could be more than just a side project," said the insider to The Sun.

"The long-term aim could be to potentially earn a big-money endorsement deal with a huge fashion brand."

We’re sure whatever he does behind the scenes, he’ll put his face to it. Really it would be a total waste not to.

PS: We'll wear whatever you design, Z. Guys or gals clothes.

All we've really got to say is - good luck fitting in the wedding with Perrie Edwards!