Who would win in a best dressed comp between Zayn and Harry Styles?

The most important battle ever.

By Bianca Mastroianni

It's a hard choice, we know...

Just look at those damn outfits... they definitely go further than a classic boy's jeans and tee combo. But, GQ magazine have decided that Zayn deserves the honour of 2017 (we know, it's still 2016 so weird) Best Dressed Man.


To be fair, Harry was crowned in 2016, so it was time for Zayno's new and improved look to finally be acknowledged.

GQ explained: "Malik's style is one that's as experimental as it is smart, making him a man who can do streetwear slickness just as effortlessly as red carpet suiting.

"We would say it's the kind of cool approach to outfitting that would rub off on any man dating one of the world's most famous supermodels, but Malik's dress sense was there way before Gigi. Even in his One Direction days, that personal style shone through his boyband styling.

"This is a man who loves to look good, knows the trends and wears a wardrobe worthy of one of the world's most talked about musicians - one that many men, including us here at GQ HQ, seriously covet."

Kill it boy. It helps that now, Zayn even has his own online store! YUP, you heard that right.

Talk about great timing.