There's now even MORE hacks that'll up your Snapchat game

Like how to get rid of those captions once you've saved the pic.

By Amber Manto
Snapchat hacks

1. Save photos then remove the caption

How annoying is when you take an stellar pic, add it to your Mr Story but forget to save it without the caption bar? VERY annoying, that's what. Naturally, there's an app for that. Actually there's a bunch of apps for that (we used Caption Clean) that remove the black bar - some will also remove filters. OK, OK, so this isn't a Snapchat hack per se but hey, it's still pretty handy, right?

2. Turn off Snapchat Memories

If you don't wish to save your photos to the Snapchat server and would rather download pictures to your camera roll like it was Snapchat June 2016, then you're in luck as this can be done in the privacy settings. Just head to "Settings", scroll down until you see "Memories", then under the "Saving" option select "Save to..." then select "Camera roll only". Fixed.

3. Filter on filter on filter

Sick of deciding between a tonal filter and an information filter? Then don't! Just swipe to the filter you want, then hold your finger down on the screen and use the other finger to keep swiping to choose your second filter. Quite amazing really.

4. Sneaky screenshot

If you wanna screenshot bae’s Snap without looking like a total creeper, just put your phone on aeroplane mode and then screenshot away.

5. Secret colours in the palette

There’s actually a HEAP more colours than what’s in that little rainbow text bar – including black and white (soz iPhone users, you only get black and white as extras). Just hold your finger on the colour bar, then move your finger around the screen to get the different colours. Go to the top left corner for white, and the bottom right for black.

6. End the conversation confusion

Don’t you hate it when you text someone and they reply hours later and by that time you’ve forgotten what you wrote. Well not anymore. Just tap, and hold the text message to save it. It stay there till you tap it again to unsave.

7. When you wanna write an essay

It can be hard to fit in everything you wanna say into one sentence. Solution? Head over to your notes app. Press enter, enter, enter as many times as you want till you get a big enough space. Then select all, copy and head back to Snapchat. Take your pic, press the add text icon and press paste. Boom! You’ve got a nice big space to play with. You do have to type in each line separately, it doesn’t continue on but still - brilliant.

8. Record video and play music at the same time

You probs already know this but if you don't prepare to have your life changed. If you want to play music from your phone AND have it recorded in your Snapchat video too then have a song playing on your phone and hold down the volume up button while recording your vid. This means both video sound and music will be captured. Perfect for those workout snaps!

9. Know who's been stalking you most

Ever wondered what the emoji icon next to your contacts meant? Well, they each have their own meaning and to find out what that is head over to the Manage section in your settings. You can even change the emoji for each meaning. Basically though, a sly emoji face means someone sends you a lot of snaps more than you send them. ;-)

10. Keep tabs on how obsessed you are

If you’re curious as to how many snaps you’ve taken since becoming obsessed with Snapchat, tap on the Snapchat logo at the top of your feed and it will display the sent on the left, and received on the right. Oh, that many?

11. Night Selfie 2.0

Sick of using the front flash to send snaps at night? You can now use the low-light camera mode, signalled by the moon symbol, to illuminate your screen. This makes selfies taken in the dark look ~fiah~ cos you don't have that bright flash blinding your face.

12. Use travel mode to save data

A relatively new feature to Snapchat is the ability to turn Travel Mode on. If you're low on mobile data (#ErryMonthStruggle) or want to only load new snaps when you choose to, turning this mode on means snaps only load when you click them. It can be turned on in Manage under Settings.