Here are the 10 apps sucking your phone’s battery life dry

We're blaming you, Zuckerberg.

By Natasha Harding
Apps that drain battery

If you’ve ever had your phone die on you when you’re out (so, all of us) then you also understand the frustrating, inconsolable helplessness that comes with it.

Suddenly you start asking yourself, ‘what happens if I get mugged?’ and ‘how would I call someone?’ before realising you have absolutely no damn clue what anybody’s phone number is anymore so you’d be totally screwed even if you were handed a perfectly charged phone by a kind stranger.

We might hate to admit it but it seems we really do need our phones. So, to spare you the public breakdown, here’s a list of the greediest apps draining your phone’s battery life, compiled by AVG in the Android App Performance and Trend Report.

What you choose to do with this knowledge is up to you. You can either delete the apps (rash, we know), or simply invest in one of those portable-charger thingos. We know what we're gonna do tyvm.

The findings were drawn from data gathered between January and April of this year (which explains why Pokémon Go isn’t there) and focused exclusively on Android devices but we’re guessing it’s a pretty similar story for the iOS and Windows versions too.

1. Facebook. Makes sense - we use it a helluva lot.

2. Google Maps. Um, WTH is this doing at no.2?

3. Facebook Messenger. Jeez, steady on Facebook.

4. Instagram. Whyyyyy did you have to turn on us too?

5. Blackberry Messenger. Coz apparently people still own Blackberrys...

6. ChatOn. Which should be renamed, Chat Off.

7. Kik. Not clue what this even is.

8. WhatsApp. Saves you credit then turns around and stabs you in the back with battery death.

9. WeChat. AKA something that looks practically identical to WhatsApp.

10. The Weather Channel. Which you might use for about 5 seconds a day MAX..?!

So there you have it, the greediest apps. If your phone dies on you now, you only have yourself to blame. Or Mark Zuckerberg.