10 things you need to know about iOS10

Welcome to the future.

By Grace Back

Okay y’all so iOS10 JUST dropped and we think it’s super important you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you download. So here are 10 things you should know before taking the ~plunge~.

1. More Emoji’s.

Although we could just leave that at that, we’ll explain more. Apple are introducing ~predictive~ emoji’s – meaning if you type the word ‘car’ in a text, your phone will suggest you use the car emoji.

PLUS if you send more than 3 emoji's in a message they will become 3X supersized. Ya know, for EMPHASIS.

2. Handwritten notes.

When was the last time you actually saw handwriting IRL? Well, now it could be everyday with the new update allowing you to send handwritten notes over iMessage. Talk about old school.

3. Invisible ink.

Alright, now we are officially in the future. Messages will remain hidden to the viewer until someone swipes over them. No more ~sneaky~ eyes checkin’ out your messages.

4. iMessage App Store.

Apple have taken some #inspo from the Bitmoji’s and stickers we can send via Facebook message and are introducing the iMessage App Store where you can download heaps of cute/funny/amazeballs things to send to your friends.

5. Raise To Wake.

If you didn’t think you were in the future yet, you surely will now. With the new update you will only have to lift your phone for it to wake up – meaning you don’t have to press the home screen button to get to your lock screen. Thank GAWD, my finger is always sooo tired.

6. Better Maps.

If you have never been a fan of Apple Maps things are about to change. Apple Maps will now ~predict~ where users are trying to get to and route the way out for them. #getouttamybrainapple

7. Memories Slideshow Feature.

Basically, this feature will load up your photos and create a movie slideshow within seconds. Oh, and a few old photos will be included every now and again. Get ready for some serious #TBT's.

8. Delete Apps.

Now THIS is a revolution. You can now ~finally~ delete Stocks, Wallet, Compass and more from your iPhone. #hallelujah

9. Apple Music Karaoke.

Apple Music has completely upped its game. With this update the lyrics of songs will appear toward the bottom of the screen. So now we can legit sing along to our #fave songs and never embarrassingly get the lyrics wrong again.

10. Siri is Smarter.

I know, you didn’t think that sentence was even possible. Siri is now connected to all your favourite apps.