This vlogger did a 100-layer challenge to end all 100-layer challenges

It involves hot wax.

By Amber Manto

Just when you thought you could log into the internet with seeing someone do something stupid with an excessive waste of beauty prod, THIS happens.

It wasn’t enough that vloggers had caked on 100 layers of foundation, face mask and dry shampoo, Canadian YouTuber ItsYeBoi decided it was be hilarious to do the challenge with something that had not been done before: HOT wax.

^ Our thoughts exactly.

It started off relatively OK but we could see it was only gonna be a downward spiral from here...

By the 50-layer mark he had to lie down to prevent the wax dripping everywhere.

As expected, by the 100-layer mark, it was pretty hard for the wax to actually do what it’s meant to and rip hair out.

Check out the vid out in full HERE and don't be surprised if halfway through you question what you're doing with your life.