Attention Destiny’s Child: please return your Billboard crowns to 1D ASAP

NBD but 1D just defeated Queen Bey…

By Sammy Stewart

We don’t mean to alarm you but Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam have low-key beat she-who-cannot-be-defeated…


Oh, and the rest of Destiny's Child!

At yesterday's Billboard Music Awards One Direction sadly were no-shows :( </3.

But they DID manage to take home the award for Best Group for the third time (2013, 2015 and now 2016) snagging the title from Destiny's Child.

#TBT to 2015
#TBT to 2015
#TBT to 2001
#TBT to 2001

Crawling out of their hiatus obscurity, all of the boys showed their gratitude and TBH couldn't really believe they'd won:

FYI Hazza retweeted this one:

Srsly are the best fans in the world <3