5 reasons why you should totally ask your crush out RN

Don't wait for him to ask you, be brave and go for it!

By Matt Galea
5 reasons why it's totally OK to ask your crush out

The idea of waiting for a guy you like to ask you out is totally outdated, not to mention lame af. If you're into someone, you needa go for it! And here's why...

1. It's a girl power moment.

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A girl who knows what she wants and does whatever she can to get it is seen as attractive and independent. Give yourself a pep talk and remind yourself how confident you are. You don't need to wait around for your crush to ask you out (srsly, it could take FOREVER). Be a boss babe and DO IT!

2. Guys want you to ask.

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Yep, guys feel the pressure too, and the act of 'asking out' is a burden they would probz love to get rid of. Also, when you ask them out, your crush will be feeling super good about themselves, which just might lead to a positive answer for you!

3. You'll stop overthinking.

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Our parents are always lecturing us with, "If you don't ask, the answer's always going to be no" - and though we hate to admit it, they're right. If you've spent weeks wondering if your crush feels the same way, just go on and ask them already.

4. They might be shy.

Imagine finding out later that your crush secretly liked you back but was too shy to make the first move. Worst! If they're the shy type, they might not have the confidence to fess up their feels. So, if you think you're the more outgoing one, you'll probz have to take the leap. Scary, yes. But hopefully worth the awks.

5. What's the worst thing that could happen!?

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The most cringe-worthy outcome is that he rejects you. But guess what? That's so fine! A 'no' could be a good thing. It means you're not what your crush is looking for in a GF, which could save you the time of dating someone who would've complained about your obsession with Justin Bieber's entire back catalogue - and let's face it, you don't need that bad energy in your life.