Incoming! The 72 new emojis are being released TODAY

Ciao letters.

By Natasha Harding

Get ready to ditch words for good as the Unicode Consortium, the folks in charge of the emoji keyboard, are dropping the juiciest batch of 72 emojis TODAY.

Woop and yay!

We’re calling it: this update looks like the best yet, with new additions to practically every section.

Facepalming, fist bumping, selfie-taking and finger-crossing will all be a reality in emoji land – taking our text game to the nek level.

When it comes to people, the princess will finally have her prince, the red dress lady will now have a male dancing partner.

In the food department there are dumplings, avocados, pancakes, a croissant and BACON.

To check out the entire range, check out the ~extended video~ released by Emojipedia here.

If you’re worried the latest installment will overwhelm you with choice, fear not! A feature of iOS 10 (which will be coming to a phone near you in September) will include a button that'll highlight all emoji-related words in a text and suggest swapping them for particular emojis, basically making you look like an emoji wizard.

Welcome to the future, guys. The goal will inevitably be to make texts entirely out of emojis, obvs.

Before you go and write off the rest of your day, Emojipedia says the new emojis will not be available on your keyboard immediately (waahh!!), but will depend on each of individual phone providers such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Fingers crossed you're one of the lucky ones though.

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