8 simple steps to make your crush wanna kiss you

Try these moves at your next party to make you irresistable af.

By Matt Galea
8 simple steps to make your crush want to kiss you

Keen for a kiss from your crush but not really sure how to get his attention? We got you! Try these easy-as moves to make him swoon at the next party. Get it, girl!

Step 1. Make eye contact.

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Your crush is standing across the room. Make eye contact and hold it for two seconds, then get back to that hilarious convo you were having with your squad.

Step 2. Be the life of the party.

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Don't just lay low and risk going unnoticed. Dance, laugh, do your thing! Nothing will get his attention more than you just looking like you're having the best damn time.

Avoid things like spending too much time on your phone (save the 'gramming for later!) and don't engage in b-tchy convos. You don't wanna be that girl.

Step 3. Strike up a convo.

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He's grabbing a slice of pizza from the food table. Now is your chance to initiate some cheeky conversation. Walk over and say, "Pizza, good choice. Hey, did you try the Pizza Hut Doritos crust pizza? It was SO weird."

Totally random, but the aim is to start a convo with him to signal that you're into him. His reaction will also help you read if he's keen on you, too.

Step 4. Hit the d-floor.

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Lead into this by saying something like, "I love this song - let's dance!" Now, most guys may be a bit too shy to get lit so grab his hand and pull him along with you before he has the chance to object. Trust us, the two of you bopping to Selena's latest hit will make for the perf ~intimate~ moment.

Step 5. Sneak away for some one-on-one time.

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You're thirsty from all this dancing, right? Right! This is the time to take things somewhere a little more chilled. Grab a drink with him then head outside to a quiet spot where the two of you can talk privately and he can realise that he's so into you.

Step 6. Make the move.

Make the moves BEFORE the move. Lean in when he speaks, touch his arm when you're talking and laugh at his stories. Your signals will scream ~kiss me!~

Step 7. Get lippy.

As you're chatting, casually touch your face a couple of times to draw attention to your lips. Also, start glancing at his lips to signal that you're keen to get close to them, like, rn.

Step 8. Pucker up!

By now you've done everything you can to let your crush know that you're keen. If he's into you, you'll know. And if not? Well, at least you know where you stand and you've gotten some practice so you can try these moves on your next crush.