A ‘PLL’ fan ~may~ have just discovered the identity of Uber A

We betcha never saw this coming!

By Matt Galea
A ‘PLL’ fan ~may~ have just discovered the identity of Uber A

The Pretty Little Liars finale just keeps getting closer and closer and while the cast and crew have only been dropping ~subtle~ spoilers, a PLL fan may have just dropped a MAJOR spoiler by cracking the Uber A code.

Season 7B is set to premiere in April, kicking off the countdown to the final 10 eps but if this clever fan's theory is correct, you may be robbed of the mystery of the series finale so we must warn you, a huge spoiler might be ahead!

The fan in question has pieced together a video where the person they believe to be A just keeps popping up at rando times and appears to have a particular interest in pyromania.

OK, enough waiting, the fan has theorised that Uber A is the one and only Lucas!

Lucas Gottsman, played by Brendan Robinson, has had several sneaky ties to Uber A since the beginning of the series and a whole heck of a lot of evidence points to the man low-key being behind alllllll the dramz!

Watch the video for yourself and see if you agree with this fan theory.