Did you catch that O.C star in the new American Horror Story episode?!


By Bianca Mastroianni


It feels like this entire season of American Horror Story has been an epic lead-up to episode 6 which we just had the pleasure of watching.

It was promised to be huge, with a massive twist. And boy, did it deliver.

While the first five episodes were a documentary series called My Roanoke Nightmare, with actors playing the IRL Shelby, Matt and Lee, this weeks episode broke the fourth wall and let us look behind the scenes of the filmed show.

Basically, a show within a show. The ~twist~ saw Cheyenne Jackson's character - SIdney - the TV producer bring back all the actors and real people from the doco back into the house for a follow up show.

Pretty early in on the episode we meet his partner/assistant Diana, and if she looked familiar it's because she played Lindsay Gardener in The O.C. Remember? Caleb's illegitimate love-child who ended up dating Ryan for a bit?!

She was basically the only person with sense in the episode, decided to GTFO before she got killed, which sucks because she was killed by The Piggyman while driving the heck out of that creepy town.

Anyway, the show took a million twists and turns, halfway through informing us that everyone involved on the production of the show died, except ~one~ and the footage we will now see is what was attained. GAH!