Here are 4 'American Horror Story' theories that will BLOW ya damn mind

Is Shelby actually a witch?!

By Sammy Stewart

It's been almost a week since the first episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke debuted and already the internet has been set alight with insane (but plausible) theories that will blow your damn mind.

Dramatic reenactment of us reading theories in bed
Dramatic reenactment of us reading theories in bed

So far, we know that the current format of the show features a TV show within the actual show. My Roanoke Nightmare as it's called sees Shelby (Lily Rabe) and her husband Matt (Andre Holland) telling their "based on true events" horror story of moving to Roanoke in North Carolina with Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. playing their dramatic reenactments.

Ready for some damn theories that will make you say "NO FLIPPING WAY!"

K, let's go.

Theory 1: Shelby is actually a witch

The third season of AHS was Coven and told the story of a group of witches living it up in New Orleans. During this season, we learnt that a) witches are a normal part of the AHS universe and b) the resurrection spell, Vitalum Vitalis.

Which brings us to the current season; when Matt was pretty much dead after getting knocked out in the opening scene, Shelby simply touched him and nekminnit he was alive...

So is Shelby a witch?!

Theory 2: Shelby is actually Misty Day

It's a normal thing to see one actor play a totally different character on AHS, but there are a few too many similarities between Shelby and season 3's Misty Day.

Namely, she probs brought her husband back to life but aside from that, both Shelby and Misty are nature-loving hippy kweens who can sense ~evil~. Did Misty Day, who had the power of ~resurgence~ come back to life as Shelby?

Theory 3: Evan peters is the Piggy man

While we were all crying about no Evan Peters in episode one, there was a very good chance we DID see our favourite creepy bae...

There's some creepy dude going around the town of Roanoke known as the "Piggy Man" and there's a very good chance that it's Evan Peters, screwing with our hearts and minds again. So far, we've only seen him with his mask on and a glimpse of his dirty shoulder.

Redditer Amloyd has done her research and noticed that the Piggy Man's shoulder looks A LOT like Evans...

Theory 4: The Billie Dean connection

In season one, we were introduced to the glam Medium kween that is Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson.)

When we first met Billie Dean, she told Constance (Jessica Lange) that she was working on a pilot series with Lifetime, an American production company that films TV shows much like My Roanoke Nightmare.

Okay, ready for the biggest plot twist ever? Redditer LittleThugWife suggests the idea that season 6 takes place BEFORE/DURING the same time as season 1's Murder House. This would mean the current season takes place around 2011 .

To add more evidence to this theory, Billie Dean knew A LOT about the lost colony of Roanoke and explained it all to Violet in INSANE detail:

Is Billie Dean actually the actress playing Shelby?!