Apple reveals release date for 100 brand-new emojis


By Amber Manto

Couple weeks ago now the Unicode Consortium announced it would be adding 11 female emojis and giving us all the option to change 33 existing male-specific emojis to female.

Safe to say we were all pretty pumped, however there was no actual date for when we’d be gifted with these additions as this was up to Apple/Andriod to roll out.

Well all you iPhone and iPad users, good news as Apple has now revealed we can expect these gender options to pop up in our emoji keyboards sometime from September to December (although most likely earlier than later), as part of the iOS10 software update.

The update will also see a bunch of new emojis added – in total there will be more than 100 – including a rainbow flag.

Image via: [Apple](
Image via: Apple

“Apple is working closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere,” Apple wrote in a blog post.

We’re getting closer and closer to doing away with letters forever.