PSA: Apple could hijack your iPhone and disable the camera function at concerts

You can't stop our selfies!

By Bianca Mastroianni

It's no secret that some artists get mega-annoyed at fans who watch their live shows through the screen of their phones and record the entire show.

Granted, it does seem a bit silly to spend all that money on concert tickets to see the entire performance through a teeny screen, but we aren't about to be okay with Apple having this sort of control over our phones.

Apple's solution comes in the form of an invention (currently being patented) that will help them disable the iPhone camera function of ALL users when they're in a certain location.

This could be a 5SOS concert, cimema, show or any ~classified~ location.

First of all, imagine NOT being able to take selfies when you're at a concert. Criminal.

Imagine having a rare moment with the artist - like when they pass you the mic - call you out in the crowd or even FALL ON STAGE!!! How will these beautiful moments be captured, and spread virally online for the world to divulge in?

So how does it work? WELL an infrared emitter is placed in areas where photography and recording is not allowed and, like WiFi, it generates signals that have ~encoded~ data that blocks camera commands.

The iPhone will then receive the signal, decode its data and block the user from taking their beloved picture.

The patent says: "[The device] may be unable to display or store images if the device has received a command to disable recording. If a user selects a record function while that function is temporarily disabled, [the display] may provide a black screen with [a notification] to notify the user that recording has been disabled."

We just had another thought. WHAT IF you have a meet and greet and you're in the same place as these stupid infrared laser beams and can't get your Ashton Irwin selfie?!

You cannot deny us of our selfies.