This PLL couple are most definitely going to get married, and it's NOT #Ezria

A cast member hinted.

By Bianca Mastroianni

There are a few things we absolutely love about Pretty Little Liars...

1. Ezra Fitz and Aria.

2. Toby's abs.

3. Ashley Marin.

And finally, our fave:

4. #HALEB!

^ No other PLL couple will ever have that.

I. Marlene King hinted a while ago that season 7 would feature a liar's wedding, and as much as we thought it would be Ezra and Aria, Ashley Benson just dropped this major bomb:

"Who gets the proposal? 💍💍💍#Haleb #spaleb #Ezria #emmison #pll" she captioned the pic.

WHO INDEED?! We can't help but think the massive photo of Caleb and Hanna is answering that question, but we do see those tags under there.

What we don't see is a #Spoby tag.

Either this is a huge hint from Ashley, or she's just trying to confuse everyone because if you're up to date... SPOILER ALERT Caleb just confessed his undying love for Spencer.

We have so many questions, but mainly... are we invited to the wedding?