Watch the iconic 'Beauty and the Beast' scene where they cheers their dinner bowls

The scene we've been waiting for.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Beauty and the Beast dinner scene remake

As you're probbbbbaly aware, Disney's classic Beauty and the Beast is about to hit the big screen for its live-action remake.

So far, we've basically seen the entire movie in teasers (what's left??) but Disney have proven once more there IS more to see... the iconic dinner scene.

It's the first time in the movie where we see Beast with some true, human emotions... giving us hope for a romantic ending for the two. It's also the scene where Belle and the Beast cheers with their dinner places. Like we said - iconic.

Disney have now released the remade version, and yes, it's perfect.

Also, we're tipping our hats off to how perfect Mrs. Potts and Lumiere's portrayals of the O.G characters are. THIS IS EVERYTHING!!