One of your favourite Disney channel shows has just been cancelled

Pls no.

'Best Friends Whenever' Disney show has been cancelled

After two seasons of time traveling and adventures that were simply out of this world, Disney Channel has decided to not renew Best Friends Whenever. The cast of the show took to their social media accounts to break the news to fans after months of speculation as to if and when the series would return for more episodes.

Landry Bender, who played Cyd, shared a heartfelt message on her Tumblr account, explaining all that she learned from her time on this show, and how it will always be a part of her.

As it turns out, the cast and crew actually knew about the network's decision in December, but they weren't able to share the news with viewers until now. Ricky Garcia apologized to fans, while thanking everyone for their support along the way.

Gus Kamp kept his tweet short and sweet, while making sure he too thanks the fans for loving the show.

Bryana Salaz joined the cast in season two, playing Princess Daisy and she expressed how grateful she is to have come aboard and joined the cast.

Matthew Royer shared a sweet tweet, thanking his castmates.

And then he took to Instagram to share a longer message about how while this news is sad, the memories Matthew and his cast made will stick with him forever.

"I am sorry to share that #BestFriendsWhenever has not been renewed for season 3. As I am saddened by this news, it does not stop me from remembering the great friendships and memories I made as part of this wonderful project. First off I would like to thank Jed and Scott for giving my brother and I a chance to play Bret and Chet and for being amazing mentors. Next, I would like to thank our amazing crew and writing staff who week by week put in so much work to make this show absolutely amazing. I would also like to say thanks to my wonderful co stars who made this job so enjoyable week after week. Last but not least, our amazing fans. Without you guys there would have been no Best Friends Whenever. Thanks to you all! #twingers #disneychannel #disney #bfw," he wrote.

Matthew's twin brother Benjamin shared the same cast and crew pic, along with his message simply sharing his thanks to everyone involved with this series.

"I think for everyone, it's hard to say BFW has been canceled. I'd like to thank Jed and Scott for giving me such an incredible experience on the show. I'd also like to thank my co stars, Landry, Gus, Ricky, Lauren, Bryana, and my bro Matt for making these two seasons as enjoyable as possible, and last but definitely not least the fans. You guys are the reason we came to be such an amazing show. Thank you everyone! #BestFriendsWhenever," he wrote.

It's clear this series meant a lot to everyone who worked on the show and their bond will forever live on.