The #OneDirectionIsOver hashtag proves the 1D fandom is slowly, but surely falling apart


By Sammy Stewart

Liam Payne announced his solo career and the 1D fandom has officially lost it.

After enduring Zayn's departure, Louis and Eleanor's breakup, Louis' baby news, Harry falling on stage, Gigi rolling her eyes at Harry, the hiatus, Harry and Kendall on the yacht, Conchobar, ~TAKES BREATH~ Niall's golf career, Anne's iCloud being hacked, Harry's movie career, Leryl, Harry's haircut, Harry's solo career, and now Liam's, we honestly don't blame them for starting the #OneDirectionIsOverParty hashtag.

Here's how the fandom's been coping with this latest piece of news...

~listens to History and cries in the mirror~