Your tampon can now communicate with you via Bluetooth

Welcome to the bloody future.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Oh what a time to be alive.

Tired of those pesky old tampons?

Well the new electronic My.Flow tampon is about to bring your menstrual cycle into 2016, in hopes of preventing THIS from happening ever again:

The tampon can ~electronically~ gauge its moisture level, and let you know through Bluetooth phone alerts (which are part of an app) how full it is.


You attach a Bluetooth band around your waist, and connect the tampon's EXTRA LONG string to the band to get a reading.


We sense some OH&S issues here.

According to Gizmodo, the invention is in its funding stage right now, but if all goes to plan a month's supply of the tampons will sell for US$13, plus US$50 for the Bluetooth wristband.

If your vajay-jay can't handle this much tech dw, we won't judge you for sticking to the trusty old pad or retro cotton tampon.