Brace yourself, Instagram is changing AGAIN

Not sure whether to love or hate.

By Sammy Stewart

TBH we don’t really love it when our favourite apps decide to go and reinvent themselves but hey, #WhatCanYaDo.

First Instagram announced they were going to introduce a new algorithm where you’ll see pictures based on their importance instead of chronological order #MEH (FYI: it's yet to be rolled out)

And now they’re about to totally update their appearance. Instead of the comforting blue-and-orange colour scheme we’re used to, Insta’s decided to roll out a black-and-white design cos they're #FahShun.

Yesterday Twitter users who had early access to the new update, posted screen shots of the app’s ~sleek~ new look…

We DO love the ~minimalism~ but then again, we also lovez a bit of colour. #OnTheFence

No word yet on WHEN we will be getting this ~fancy~ new look. What are YOUR thoughts?