You have to see what happens to a Cadbury Flake when it's microwaved


By Bianca Mastroianni
What happens to Cadbury Flake when microwaved

Some genius women at Cosmo UK had the idea to see what would happen when they placed a Cadbury Flake in the microwave, coz why the hell not? No actually, they just wanted to mix melted Flake with peanut butter and eat it all up -delish.

You're probably thinking, "it'll just melt," WELL GOTCHA coz it doesn't at all! AH, science.

It actually just burnt on the plate, ew. Here's the theory, it's made out of dehydrated milk chocolate, meaning it'll harden rather than melt. Geddit?

According to ScienceFocus, in a understandable wording, the way the fats are combined together with the sugar means it doesn't melt at all, but crumble.

Here's an experiment below:

Cosmo UK
Cosmo UK

Cadbury even reached out to them to explain that: "The reason it's difficult to melt is because, for nearly a century, we have deliberately controlled the final manufacturing process to ensure the folds of the bar crumble in the mouth."

So that's that. THE MORE YOU KNOW.