The best show of the '90s could be getting a revival and OH MY GOD

So many hotties back on the screen.

Chad Michael Murray, our teen boyfriend, just dropped a major hint that a One Tree Hill on-screen reunion might be in the works.

Chad, who played Lucas Scott, along with co-star James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), attended EyeCon 2016 earlier this week, where they addressed rumours that the OTH cast would be coming together for a revival.

Chad #confirmed that he had heard “rumblings”, and Stephen Colleti (who played Chase) told screaming fans that James and the show’s creator Mark Schwahn were throwing the idea around.

“We haven’t heard anything substantial but we can agree with you guys, it’s worthy,” said Stephen, adding that James said he could “see it happening”.


James himself agreed during his own panel, “You know, I don’t know how all the works exactly. I know that’s kind of a trend lately.”

“I get the feeling if there was a demand for it and Mark Schwahn was approached by it, however it works, then the conversation would be had,” he said.

But even if a revival gets a green light from the higher-ups, we might not get the whole gang back. At least, we’re pretty sure we’re not getting Sophia Bush back.

Sophia, who played One Tree Hill’s HBIC Brooke Davis, shot down rumours pretty hard, telling Bustle "I have an immense heart for the people who love it — but, to me, because of practicality at this point, it's a pipe dream. It's just not feasible."

"I don't think about where she is now, we wrote the last chapter of the book and we closed it and we published it and we put it on the shelf and, to me, it was perfect.”

Ah, well. Maybe she’ll come around.