Will Cole Sprouse's character be asexual in the new series "Riverdale"?

The show's CEO talks about the biggest question surrounding the new series.

By Sammy Stewart

One of the shows we're really looking forward to in 2017 is the Archie comics TV series, Riverdale.

The series, which is rumoured to be similar to Gossip Girl (aka best show ever), will see Cole Sprouse's return to TV as Jughead Jones, a character who identified in the comic book series as asexual - meaning he’s neither attracted to men or women.

Considering that a) this is Cole's highly anticipated return to TV and b) the first time an asexual character has been featured in a popular TV series, there have been a lot of questions regarding how Jughead is going to be portrayed.

During this weekend's New York Comic Con panel, the CEO of Archie Comics Jon Goldwater, finally addressed how the show will be portraying this iconic character.

"Archie is all about being inclusive — inclusion, getting the books out, getting them into everyone’s hands," Goldwater stated.

Although he neither confirmed nor denied Jughead's sexuality, MTV adds that Goldwater did say this, "You know, I think Cole [Sprouse], he could have his own take on things. I think Jughead in Riverdale is going to be the Jughead you know."

"He’s gonna be his own person, he’s gonna be a cool cat. But, you know, he has some really good friends and I think Jughead in Riverdale really is gonna epitomize all the best qualities of Jughead."

In other words, in Cole we trust.

Riverdale premieres in 2017.