The ‘Descendants 2’ trailer has dropped and we’re excited AF

Mal's ba-aaack!

By Jessica Lynch

Calling all Disney fans!

The trailer for Disney Channel’s Descendants 2 has dropped, and it looks pretty epic!

This time around, Mal (played by the totally gorgeous Dove Cameron and her villainous pals head back to the Isle of the Lost after she finds out that she’s just not cut out for a life of royalty.

When she gets home, however, a new villain called Uma (played by China Anne McClain), the daughter of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, isn’t happy to see her return.

Still peeved that she wasn’t the one chosen to go to the magical land of Auradon, she exacts revenge by kidnapping Mal’s bae, King Ben (played by Aussie Mitchell Hope).

Speaking about the transformation of her character, Mal, Dove Cameron said,

"One of my favourite moments in the entire film may have been when I was spray painting the statue of Beast and jumping off the ladder and calling to all the 'Auradonians.'

"I remember freaking everyone out because [director Kenny Ortega] kept saying 'Go there, go to a place you've never been with Mal.' Mal is my favourite character ever, and to play the most concentrated version of her was such a treat."

Daughter of the Evil Queen, Evie, (played by Sofia Carson) also makes a return, with Sofia revealing,

"It's such a cool way to start off the movie because we're right where we left off with Descendants. We're all in Auradon except we have now turned Auradon wicked (or have they?).[The song] "Ways to Be Wicked" was shot at a beautiful castle and Evie's verse is in this gorgeous classroom with the most incredible dancers."

The movie is set to air in July, so if you dig crazy coloured wigs, cute guys and catchy tunes, we defs recommend getting on board. Check out the trailer below: