Disney Princesses more interested in their mobiles than their BFs are actually us

♫Look at this app, isn’t it neat? Don’t you think my Tumblr’s complete?♫

Today’s round of “Disney Princesses reimagined as…” features your favourite Disney gals more concerned with updating their Facebook check-in than singing along with the woodland creatures.

Social activist Saint Hoax has created a series of photoshopped edits depicting Jasmine, Aladdin, Ariel, Eric and Bella and the Beast so consumed with their mobile phones to show how technology is making us miss out on the real magic.

His series titled "Contemporary Fairy Tale" aims to remind people to live in the moment, whether it’s under the sea, in a castle or in actual real life.

"The 'Contemporary Fairy Tale' series critiques how technology is being misused," he explained to A Plus. "What pushed all my buttons was when I witnessed two people who seemed to be on a date, barely have four full sentences with each other."

The worst part? We can totally relate to what he’s saying. face palm

Remember y’all, there’s a reason Instagram and Facebook don’t pop up in any Fairy-tales...