Disneyland *might* be coming to Australia!


Disneyland *might* be coming to Australia!

Um, are our lifelong dreams of riding the Alison In Wonderland teacups and falling down splash mountain in our own backyard coming true?


Word on the street has it that Chinese company The Wanda Group are planning to open up a Disneyland theme park on the Gold Coast.

The multi-billion dollar attraction will most likely be built in the area of Coomera to rival nearby themeparks Dreamworld and Movie World.

Hey, the more theme parks the better, amiright?!

To make this news EVEN better, Xie Hong, the Wanda Group’s general manager revealed that the iconic Sydney theme park Wonderland might be getting a second rivial on the Gold Coast, and TBH if this is true plz take our money NOW.


Coomera’s MP is keen on the idea of more theme parks (YAS) so all we need now are some fairy floss machines and Disney ears.

And maybe a genie too just in case.