You *have* to see who recreated Kanye's 'Famous' video this time...

Deserves an Oscar.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kanye West's Famous song AND music video basically broke the internet in 2016.

Not only was it scandalous as hell, but it involved the ultimate take-down of Taylor Swift, which was absolutely I-N-S-A-N-E.

As if the lyrics weren't cray enough with "I made that b-tch famous", but the film clip featured creepy as hell wax figures of celebs like Taylor Swift, Amber Rose, Rihanna and Ray J IN BED NAKED with Kimye. Ick.

As you can imagine, not much good news came from the whole ordeal... 'til now of course.

What makes everything better? Dogs, duh!

The famous dogs of Instagram has stepped up to make a weird situation absolutely brilliant, creating their own version of the video. Featuring Tuna Melts My Heart, King Bentley The Bulldog and Toast Meets World, behold the best thing you shall ever see:

Woofers, right?