DOLLY DESTINY: Love spells for every bae

Cast these spells to bring L-O-V-E vibes your way.

By Matt Galea
DOLLY DESTINY: Love magic special

Love magic is one of the oldest and most sacred forms of mysticism. FYI, after casting one of these spells, a total hottie won’t just materialise on your doorstep. This ain’t a Zac Efron movie! The purpose of love magic is to ~mystically~ signify that you’re ready for a new bae and if the time is right, the universe will oblige. So on your next squad sleepover, light some candles, play some love tunes and test out these spells with your friends.

To find someone new…

Love conjure bag

You’ll need:
• A pinch each of: rosemary, lavender and rose petals.
• An organza bag (preferably red or pink).

  1. Fill the bag with the herbs.
  2. Carry it in your pocket or in your bag to attract romantic interest.

New bae summoning spell

Ready for your ~dream~ date? Gather the following ingredients and get casting!

You’ll need:
• A bowl
• A spoon
• 5 drops patchouli oil
• 1 drop cinnamon oil
• A white candle
• Matches

  1. Combine the oils together in a bowl using a spoon (maybz use a plastic bowl and spoon so you can toss them out when you’re done).
  2. Dab the oil onto the base of the candle, away from the wick.
  3. With your parents’ permission, light the candle and visualise the kind of bae that you want to summon.
  4. When complete, blow out the candle and leave it on your shelf.

Love potion

Black tea may seem like an ordinary household beverage, but it was once used as a potent ~love~ potion that makes the drinker irresistible. Brew the tea like normal and add love ingredients like mint, rose petals and cinnamon to empower the drink. As the steam flows out of the cup, whisper your desires into the brew and drink when cooled.

To make your crush notice you…

Attraction spell

You’ll need:
• A photo of your crush
• Strands of your hair
• Red thread
• Red velvet
• A shovel

  1. Wrap the photo in strands of your hair until its completely covered.
  2. Do the same using the red string.
  3. Enclose the tied up photo in red velvet.
  4. Bury the whole packet in the ground.

Charm your crush

Got your eye on a guy but he hasn’t quite noticed you yet? Try this attraction charm to give him that little nudge to notice you and have you lookin’ fiyah AF to him in no time.

You’ll need:
• A pen
• Paper
• Flower petals

  1. Write your crush's name on a piece of paper.
  2. Sprinkle the paper with the sweetest smelling flower petals you can find.
  3. Fold the paper towards you to make it as small as possible.
  4. Hide it in a drawer with your clothes to magically lure him to you.

To keep your BF interested…

Romantic maintenance spell

You’ll need:
• A candle
• Honey
• Sugar
• Flower petals
• Your favourite perfume

  1. Drizzle honey over the candle.
  2. Sprinkle it with sugar and flower petals.
  3. Dab a bit of perfume on your finger and spread it around the centre of the candle.
  4. Burn the candle to keep your BF interested and protect your relationship.

To love yourself…

Self-love spells

As the saying goes, you can't be loved by others until you love yourself. So if you’re lacking that killer confidence, try a little self-love magic to return your spark. Gorj flowers like roses, hibiscus and calendula inspire self-love and acceptance. Incorporate them into any or all of these charms:

-Add fresh blossoms to your bath water for a spiritual (not to mention totally Insta-worthy) cleansing bath.

-Surround your bedroom with the flowers so that the smell radiates your area.

-If a friend has been feeling down or you just want her to feel loved, give her some of the above blooms.

Guide to love crystals

Certain crystals have been used as love tokens for thousands of years as they resonate a mystical energy that attracts love to its beholder. During the month of love, use one of the following stones to channel romantic vibes…

Amber: Hold a piece of amber up to the Full Moon in your left hand. Gaze at its light while envisioning your desires. Place the stone under your pillow and go to sleep. When you wake-up, the amber will be fully charged and can be carried to call your heart’s desire to you.

Carnelian: These red-orange stones have long been regarded as the crystal of passion. Carry it with you to either ignite passion between you and a new lover or rekindle the passion between your current or former bae.

Moon stone: Said to intensify desire between two lovers by channelling the epic lunar energies from the moon. Keep the stone with you to magnify the connection between you and your BF.

Rose quartz: Also known as the heart stone, rose quartz is the most popular among the love crystals. Wrap stones within a picture of you and your crush to bring you closer together. Also, wear this pretty pink stone as jewellery or carry it with you to summon lovers to you.