This Christmas, Domino's will be delivering your pizza via reindeer

BRB, moving to Japan.

By Sammy Stewart
Reindeer are delivering Domino's pizza in Japan

You might wanna pack your bags and head to Japan all in the name of #pizza after you read this.

In light of the ~holiday~ season, Domino's Japan rolled out the big guns with their latest reindeer delivery service.

Just like Santa, the reindeer's are pulling a sled equipped with the company's GPS Driver Tracker- a system which allows customers to see their delivery rock up to their front door.

They even changed the icon into a cute, lil reindeer:

The company released a video earlier this week featuring the reindeer making a few practice runs through the snow. At first, the reindeer was like "wtH is going on," but after a while he totally got the gist of it.

All Domino's need to do now is sort out something similar for Australia... maybe horses with antler hats? Yeah? Nah?