This 'The Lion King' news will seriously make your day

I just can't wait... for THIS ACTOR TO PLAY SIMBA!

By Bianca Mastroianni
Donald Glover to play Simba in new Disney's Lion King

2017 is the year of the Disney remakes. Especially the classics.

Not only are we being #blessed with 'Beauty and the Beast' live-action remake, we're also expecting 'The Little Mermaid', 'Mulan', and yep 'The Lion King'.


Now the fun part, casting.

Director Jon Favreau has announced that 'Community' star and rapper Donald Glover will officially be playing Simba.


That isn't even the best news... James Earl Jones, who voiced the original and iconic Mufasa will be returning to play the role. Like you could ever replace that voice anyways.

Jon Favreau is the incredible director behind last year's 'The Jungle Book', so we can already expect how INCREDIBLE this will be.

Keen is an understatement.