The brand new trailer for Teen Wolf's final season is INTENSE

Something terrible is going to happen.

By Sammy Stewart

DRAMA. FEAR. FEELS. TEARS. MEMORY LOSS. STILES. SCOTT. OMG. WHAT... these are just a few words to describe the brand-new trailer for the 6th - aka the LAST - season ever of Teen Wolf.

Ever since it was revealed the show would be coming to an end, and taking into account that no-one has any flipping idea what the deal is with Dylan O'Brien, we're kinda getting some neg vibez from the latest trailer. But like, in the best way possible.

Basically, some bad shiz is going down in Beacon Hills. In one part of the trailer, Lydia can be heard saying "Something terrible is going to happen. Something worse than death..."

And next thing ya know it, Stiles is running, ppl are forgetting him and basically we're just a bit worried about our favourite human.

Check out the drama-fest above!