Dylan O'Brien says he wasn't supposed to be in the Teen Wolf finale


There’s only a few episodes left until we say goodbye to the beloved babes of Teen Wolf, but did you know we may not have had the chance to bid farewell to our boyfriend Dylan O’Brien AKA dear Stiles Stilinski?!

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IKR? It’s totally stressful to think about, but Dyls himself dropped the bombshell to Entertainment Tonight that he wasn’t supposed to show up in the final ten eps, as he wasn’t contractually obligated to do so - but he was determined to give his character a proper farewell.

“I wasn’t originally able to be a part of the last 10 [episodes] at all, nor was I contracted to be,” he said, adding, “It was cool that we were able to find space of a couple weeks where I was home and I could go be a part of a few episodes, so I was glad to be able to do it ‘cause I’ve been with the show since the beginning obviously,” O’Brien continued. “For me, it was my first role ever, so it would’ve been hard to eventually just not be a part of something that was still ongoing… Fully voluntary. It was all heart.”

BUT... He also hinted to something sinister in store for Stiles, as when asked if he’d be willing to appear in a reboot of the series he said, "I haven’t heard anything about this, but I can guarantee you I probably won’t be in it."

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Eek! We don’t know if we could handle anything happen to him, but either way we’re dying to see this cracker of a finale on July 30.